Two Wills In Conflict | The Will Of God v Will Of Self | Video

Two wills in conflict. That’s what I want to speak about today. We’re under a battle – a fight, everywhere there is a fight. In the world it is a fight to live – to survive. Within our bodies – our bodies are fighting all the time against disease. In the immune system – the blood, there is this warfare going on all the time.

Then there are conflicts around the world – wars, rumours of wars. We hear of them every day in the news. Again warfare – a battle between two wills. ‘ I want my way ‘; ‘ I think it is this ‘. And so we find through the fall of man – through sin in the world – we are constantly under this conflict.

Spiritual Warfare

The apostle Paul presented in Romans 7 and 8 this warfare between flesh and spirit. This really is nothing new. Ever since man fell and he became aware of this warfare and conflict. When Adam and Eve fell they were brought into conflict and warfare with Almighty God. Sin had separated, sin had put God – in place of being our saviour our maker our creator – it put a wedge whereby He had now become our enemy. Light and darkness.

But this Word that we have – this revelation – is also about warfare. It’s dividing, it’s a weapon, a sword and it divides light and darkness. Our trials, our battles that we go through whether they be emotional, spiritual physical psychological, it is because of this sword that God has presented.

And so as we know God provided – atoned for this – so that there would not be this enmity – this fight, this warfare. Ever since Adam fell the work of redemption through God’s eternal plan has gradually been evolved. The bible is all about God’s redemptive plan to bring man back to a living relationship with Almighty God.

Two Wills In Conflict

So everything is in conflict. .. Survival is connected to the will – the will to live.. the will of God, and the will of self.. ..

pastor kim
Two Wills In Conflict

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