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Are You Seeing The Bigger Picture ?
Pastor Kim

It’s very important for disciples of Christ, true believers that they see a bigger picture. The bigger picture is the Kingdom of God and not the kingdom of self – my trials, my needs my wants. But before we open this up let’s thank the Lord for His blessing over His word. ‘ Are You Seeing The Bigger Picture ? ‘

Father again today we are presented with you Word. Please help us by your grace and mercy to assimilate it, to take it in. To believe it, to understand it, and that it may be sown deep within our hearts. That we may bear the fruit of this Word in due season. For we ask this now in Jesus name, Jesus name.

Are you seeing the bigger picture? That is the question we are going to raise today. I think that this teaching will be over the next few weeks because there’s quite a lot that’s to come out that I believe the Lord is revealing to me.

Without A Vision My People Perish

But to have this vision that the church must have in these last days because without a vision it says that ‘my people perish.’ Really the perishing it means that they are lost, they lose sight of God. They are on a journey where they don’t know where the end result is going to be.

It’s like maybe sometimes you know we’ve traveled in a car and we find we’ve got lost. Well of course today we’ve got navigation or maps but sometimes a map you know doesn’t always help if you get lost. Sometimes out in the deep countryside when your travelling along and you get just a few signs. So you can find yourself

Are You Seeing The Bigger Picture?

being completely lost. It’s not a nice feeling particularly if your short of time or you’ve got an appointment or whatever it is. It’s about the last thing you want to do is to get lost. And so you feel that pressure, you feel you’re sort of panicking. You think gosh I’ve got to find this place because I’ve got to be there at a certain time.

Well, you know we need that as Christians because time is running out. If you haven’t got that vision as a Christian you are going to find in these last days you are going to panic. And that is what we find when we look at the parable of the ten virgins that Jesus spoke of. The foolish virgins found at the last stage of their journey – they began to panic. The lights in their lamps were going out – and the bridegroom was coming.

It had gone out – the call – and this is spiritually what is going to happen in these last days. The reason is they don’t really have a vision;

God’s Will or Self Will ?

There is so much confusion. The reason there is so much confusion today is because believers are not seeing the bigger picture that God is trying to show us through the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

And so I want to spend the next few weeks opening up to the fact that there is a bigger picture.   Unless you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to deal with the self life you are never going to see the bigger picture. And this is why we make much of the cross which you too are to bear and take up daily and follow Christ. The cross has come to deal with you, yourself, that independent spirit that we so often have.

You know we pray ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ – we pray the Lord’s will but when it comes to it do we really want the Lord’s will to be accomplished in our lives? Because if we do then we are going to see that there is a bigger picture than the kingdom of self.

And so we musn’t make the mistake the children of Israel made. That is why they are recorded in the bible. They made that fundamental mistake that self was more important than God’s will. It’s human nature. We don’t have to work at ministering to self or looking to self, it’s as natural as breathing…

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Are You Seeing The Bigger Picture ?
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