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“Well the Lord is faithful is He not, and He knows how to touch us in the inner man. He’s the only one that can strengthen us – He’s the only one who knows.  He knows everything, He knows us better than ourselves. That’s wonderful, what an anchoring that is.   Hallelujah!
Well today I’m going to talk on faith, and our title is ‘ Faith Verses The Sense Realm ‘.


Bible Teaching On Faith
Pastor Kim
Faith Verses The Sense Realm

We are in our senses, and they’re God given, but really our senses have nothing to do with our faith.  God has so purposed in His infinite wisdom mind and thinking and understanding, to redeem – to save a people. He has chosen that we appropriate our redemption by faith…

Faith And Understanding Go Together

He has got a reason for that because faith as we know is a higher knowledge than man’s intellect..thinking..understanding. Faith goes way way above mans mind and intellect. That’s why intellectuals cannot understand the Word of God and understand faith…

They try to understand, they try to claim faith – to own faith by their intellect, by their mind – by their pride – and you never will.  That is why faith – our belief in God – is above man and his pride.  And that is how God has purposed it in which we are to be eternally saved.


That is the only way – by faith – that you will ever understand the revelation of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.   You have myriads of religious books trying to understand the Word of God. Written in the mere intellect of man… it can never be achieved.   They’re no nearer to finding God and embracing God and experiencing God with all their knowledge and understanding.  God has chosen to bypass that, and that is why it is faith. That which I want to speak on today.. ‘faith verses the sense realm’.

If you try today to appropriate what you are going to hear by your senses, by feeling good or feeling sad or happy or whatever you will never understand faith.

Don’t Rely On The Senses

Faith Verses The Sense Realm
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Now of course God is using our eye gate and our ears which is part of our sense realm. He uses the sense realm in which to get to our heart to release faith.  But we never rely upon our eyes or upon our ears in order to understand and learn about God…

…Our ears, our eyes are simply a vehicle if you like in which to quicken faith which is in the heart of man.  We look to it is that – we anchor our whole being our life our destiny on faith. By faith we overcome.  It’s by faith we appropriate, it’s by faith we hear – read the Word of God, that is how faith comes.


Now Hebrews 11:1 which we all know very very well which I want to briefly talk about with regard to this teaching today where it says

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Faith And Covenant Standing

Now this tells us what faith is, and this is the basis on which you and I are justified.  Justification which means that we have been made right for God’s presence.  In other words that we have been covered by the blood of Christ that’s dealt with sin that separates man from God, and because sin has been dealt with we have therefore now been justified and we have been brought in a standing and this standing before God is a covenant standing…

It’s not just standing right before God but it is entering into a covenant relationship with God, and we need to fully understand this.  Faith is the basis on which you receive all the spiritual blessings in this life…
…Faith – believing in this Word and all the promises that are in the Word of God is the basis on which we receive.  This Word that faith comes from as we take it in – I’m going to put this quite crudely but this is our survival kit. If we value our lives eternally then in this bible in this book is all about survival – making it into the Kingdom of God…

faith verses the sense realm

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