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You Are A Pilgrim

The self life is the biggest hindrance because self is for this world. When you look to self and nurture self and want your way and things of self, then you at that point are getting on quite well with things of this world and the spirit of this age. ‘ Don’t Forget You Are A Pilgrim ‘.

…Therefore the self life is not really going to consider that you are a pilgrim and that you are fundamentally passing through. It’s not really going to look at that. It’s not going to consider that, and above all you won’t ever experience it.

…And so because God’s Spirit is within us He won’t let us forget that we’re pilgrims. Like all pilgrims in nature they’re passing through – passing through this world, this life.

..There are signs of your pilgrimage, which we will look at later on. But if self is there then the world with all it’s allurements and temptations are also there. Your going to be constantly looking to see what it offers instead of what the Kingdom of God offers. And there’s the difference.


Now, both in the Hebrew and in Greek the idea of being a pilgrim or pilgrimage is one who comes from a foreign country to stay or dwell as a stranger. That was the idea of a pilgrim or sojourner.


…So it’s like you’ve decided to leave a country and you’re going to another country, and there you are in a different place, a different environment, a different culture, maybe a different religion. There is the feeling that I’m a stranger – I don’t really belong here……

Pastor Kim
Don’t Forget You Are A Pilgrim
just passing through

Don’t Forget You Are A Pilgrim | Jesus disciple | pilgrimage

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