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..Whatever we are facing, whatever is going on whether personally or corporately although I think more corporately at this present time – we are facing giants that are opposing us. But you see the Devil is behind those giants, and we are told in the scriptures that Satan goes around like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. For the Christian that is all he can do – make a noise. He roars. ‘Do We Know What Spirit We Are Of ?

Pastor Kim

I’m told in the animal kingdom that a lion when it roars is one of the biggest sounds amongst animals. Many times that roar is just to frighten. That’s all it is. And that is exactly what Satan does. God permits and allows this for one purpose. God is delivering us from fear. Our brother on Tuesday and the week before has spoken much about fear. About 6-8 months ago God began to reveal to me that fear is affecting this assembly. But I didn’t know how God was going to do this – how He works this deliverance – but I had that burden. And I know what those burdens are for – to pray them through.

I think we’re beginning to see now what God is doing. Because fear has torment. Fear is irrational. Fear robs you of your relationship – your stand with God. It is the number one weapon Satan uses on the world. It is Satan’s problem – he fears God because he knows where he is going. And so he will roar like that lion to try and oppress and affect us and get us to run away.

God Will Fight For Us

But you see Joshua and Caleb revealed themselves to be of another spirit. They didn’t run away from what they saw. They said ‘They’re bigger that us but we’re well able to take them – the giants of the land.’ Why did they say that? Because they knew God fought for them. And you and I have got to learn – an experiential learning – that God will fight for us. We’re only ever going to learn this and experience this as God removes fear. I believe Satan uses fear because fear deceives us in experiencing God fighting for us. That is why he uses it. Now don’t let him do that work!

Do We Know What Spirit We Are Of?
Do We Know What Spirit We Are Of?

You may be saying ‘O yes Pastor it’s all very well you saying this but you know I get this fear, it comes up – it seems to take me over.’ Well praise God! This is why we’re here – to get delivered. And we will get delivered. Your deliverance is by simply standing fast. Letting those giants blaspheme.. take the mickey out of you.. Letting those giants do what they do. By that – that is your deliverance! That is what is going to deliver us from fear.. ..

Do We Know What Spirit We Are Of?

Do We Know What Spirit We Are Of ?

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